The Chiron Initiative

Chiron (ki'-ron) , a teacher of young heroes in Greek mythology, is the inspiration for this initiative of curriculum intensives and curriculum resources for homeschoolers and parents interested in integrating a Waldorf approach to education and home life.

High on Mount Pelion in Thessaly was the temple of Zeus, King of the Gods and of his wife, the lovely Hera. Near the summit was the cave of the King-Centaur Chiron, half man and half beast.It was there that Chiron raised and instructed his young heroes.
No heroes were ever better trained than those youths whose childhood had been spent with Chiron. He made them more swift of foot than any other children. He made them stronger and more agile. Moreover, Chiron taught his young heroes knowledge of the stars, of healing herbs and medicine, the art of music and the ways of the gods.
When it came time for them to bid a grateful farewell to their teacher, Chiron told them of the striving and sufferings in the world, of injustices and acts of nobility and he bade them to go forth and do mighty deeds 'as one who has the eyes of the immortals upon him'.