Chiron 2007 Summer Curriculum Courses

Homeschooling the Waldorf Way

Waldorf education follows a curriculum which parallels the developmental stages of the child. It's objective is to educate the whole child; head, heart and hands, and it therefore requires a unique teaching methodology.

For our good homeschooling intentions to bear fruit, they must find expression within busy, everyday home life. This takes planning. The summer curriculum intensives are designed to give participants a solid grounding at each level in Waldorf pedagogy and methodology and curriculum guidelines resulting in individually prepared plans for the coming home schooling year. Good planning is essential. It ensures that a thorough, well-rounded program will be offered while still allowing the flexibility to adjust to new, on-going priorities.

For parents of primary aged children, it is recommended that the Early Childhood and Primary sessions be taken together as the success of the first three school years hinges on the development of the early years' stages. To facilitate this, discounts and financial arrangements can be made for the combined package when registering.

Program Dates for Summer 2007

Early Childhood Intensive

July 21, 22

Grades (1-8) Curriculum Intensive

July 24-26

Enrichment Program

July 23

Program Details