Recommended Websites

Rudolf Steiner Centre, Toronto
Canada's foremost centre for Waldorf teacher training and adult programs based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Waldorf Resources
The premier site for Waldorf homeschoolers, this website is devoted to resources, original articles, consumer reviews and links for Waldorf homeschooling. In the words of the site's owner, the website offers "an accessible, practical, non-dogmatic homage to Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf educational philosophy." This site also contains a link to the first and most active email list devoted to Waldorf homeschooling.

Waldorf Without Walls
The website of Waldorf homeschooling consultant Barbara Dewey. Barbara offers private consultation to Waldorf homeschoolers and offers workshops around the country. Her publications on teaching form drawing, mathematics, watercolour painting and other subjects in the home, are also available from her website.

Waldorf Schools Association of Ontario (WSAO) WSAO operates a bookstore (located inside the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto) which is one of the best Canadian sources for books on Waldorf education and anthroposophy. Membership in WSAO offers access to a small lending library and resource centre which is located inside the bookstore.

Bob and Nancy
Bob Lathe and Nancy Parsons, translaters of Steiner and devotees of Waldorf education and all things anthroposophical, have built a site rich in articles and other resources. This site also contains a link to the biggest email list devoted to Waldorf schooling.

WaldorfWorld A sister site to Bob and Nancy, this site contains hundreds of links and listings for information related to Waldorf education, including Waldorf homeschooling.

Alliance for Childhood The Alliance for Childhood is a partnership of individuals and organizations committed to fostering and respecting each child's inherent right to a healthy, developmentally appropriate childhood. One of the driving forces in this group is the wonderful child advocate and Waldorf teacher, Joan Almon. The website contains the full text of their report, "Fool's Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood", as well as other articles.

Acorn's Journey
A mail order catalogue for Waldorf Homeschoolers available through Andrea Graham at or call 613-386-1869.

Mercurius Canada
Waldorf school supplies including main lesson books (blank), stockmar crayons and paints, Lyra pencil crayons, painting paper and more. By mail, contact Joe O'Hearn, 4294
Faulkner Ave., Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 4W1, or email your orders or questions to:

Wonder Homeschool
c/o Lucie Smoker